BOARDDEFENSE® - Insecticide


BOARDDEFENSE® is a white powder that comes ready to use as a dust or in solution wood treatment mixed easily in water. There are no hazardous solvents to use and no odors. The active ingredient in BOARDDEFENSE®, Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate, is a borate derivative wood preservative that will not break down. Borates have been used as safe and effective wood preservative treatment for over 40 years.

When applied as a solution, BOARDDEFENSE® will use the moisture present in wood to penetrate deep into the board. Since BOARDDEFENSE® does not break down, the active ingredient will be drawn deeper into the wood in time. This provides long lasting and effective protection against decay fungi and other wood destroying insects. However, all wood surfaces treated with BOARDDEFENSE® that will be exposed to rain should be coated with a sealant after the wood has dried from treatment.



Termites that ingest treated wood can accumulate BOARDDEFENSE® and still move among the termite colony. Food transferred among individuals will also transfer the ingested BOARDDEFENSE®. As the borates take effect, individual termites become sluggish and stop feeding. The remaining termites will avoid affected individuals and the areas in which they die. A BOARDDEFENSE® wood treatment is unsavory to termites and is avoided. Additionally, BOARDDEFENSE® dusted into wall voids and injected into galleries is toxic to termites.

Decay Fungi

Decay fungi, Brown Rot, Poria spp., White Rot and Wet Rots are all killed on contact with BOARDDEFENSE®. Where moisture problems provide good breeding conditions for fungi, BOARDDEFENSE® can be used as an excellent wood preservative against future infection or colonization.


Beetle eggs deposited on the surface of BOARDDEFENSE® treated wood will have a reduced hatch rate and any larvae that does hatch will soon die from attempting to eat the treated wood. Additionally, beetle larvae already infesting wood will ingest BOARDDEFENSE® as they tunnel to the surface of treated wood and pupate. Beetles may emerge but will not reinfest the treated wood.


Carpenter ants cause rapid and devastating damage by excavating wood for nesting. BOARDDEFENSE® treated wood is very unpalatable and carpenter ants will not excavate it. When used as a dust, BOARDDEFENSE® can be placed in nesting sites, around wall voids, across conduit and around plumbing to control carpenter ants. BOARDDEFENSE® adheres to the pest’s body and is ingested as the ant attempts to clean the powder off. It also acts as a desiccant and can break the exoskeleton and dehydrate other insects.

Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, Crickets, etc.

BOARDDEFENSE® is also effective against other general pests. As a powder BOARDDEFENSE® can be directly applied to insect harborage areas or in a solution as a crack and crevice treatment. As the insects crawl through treated areas, the BOARDDEFENSE® adheres to the insect’s body. The tiny particles are then ingested as the pest attempts to clean the powder from its antennae and legs.

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