DeNOVO 3030 - Dairy Feed Supplement


Matrix DeNovo 30-30 is recommended for high producing dairy cows, especially when highly fermentable rations are being fed and cows are in a state of transition, such as 3 weeks before and after calving. Organic acids are precursors of propionate, an energy source for the cow. Organic acids may increase the use of lactate in the rumen to help stabilize rumen pH. Insure that sufficient protein and amino acid requirements are being met to balance with the additional energy being supplemented. Follow sound management practices and supply clean fresh water at all times.

Unique blend of Malic and Fumaric Acids which helps to increase Feed Efficiency, Increase Ph, Absorb Lactic Acid and helps increase Milk Production in the lactating cow.


Prefresh Dry Cows

100 - grams/cow/day

Lactating Cows

200 - grams/cow/day

Technical Resources
DeNovo 3030 Label
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DeNovo 3030 CPM
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