DustAway - Dust Suppressant


DustAway is a solution used to minimize dust particles from entering into the air and also to eliminate particles already in the air. It is currently used by farmers, aggregate operations and municipalities.



The use of chemical dust suppressants in the United States is increasing, due to high rates of population growth in arid regions, the need to reduce airborne particulate matter to meet air quality standards, and increased recognition of the value of reducing erosion and maintenance costs.


Dust suppressants are used to control erosion and maintenance costs on unpaved roads, and to abate fugitive dust in mining, on construction sites, agricultural fields, livestock facilities, disturbed vacant land, landfills, and in steel mills.


Dust suppressants abate dust by changing the physical properties of the soil surface. The mechanisms by which suppressants abate dust vary with product type; some form crusts or protective surfaces on the soil, others act as binding agents causing particles to agglomerate together, and some attract moisture to the soil particles.

Technical Resources
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