FootLocker-G - Animal Footbath


100% Biodegradable. 100% Environmentally Safe. FootLocker-G replaces hazardous and carcinogenic Animal footbaths at a more economcial price.


Helps Prevent Loss Due to Lameness

Studies show that on average, 38% of cows in a dairy will go lame at least once per year. When you calculate the costs of lost milk production, treatment, involuntary culling, and a 1% fatality rate, the total loss of lameness in a dairy herd is estimated to be approximately $102,957 per year per 1000 cows. FootLocker-G stays on the hoof to protect from further lameness. In this way, FootLocker-Gs ingredient produce a cleaner, dryer hoof that can reduce lameness and increase profit.

Environmentally Safe with No Heavy Metals

According to Cornell University, copper sulfate "may not only reduce crop yields but also contribute to the copper load in farm fields," which is regulated by law in New York and other states. Additionally, copper and zinc, two heavy metals often used in footbath products, continue to draw scrutiny from the EPA. Some states now outlaw heavy metals in footbaths entirely.

Save Time and Money

Because FootLocker-G is designed to handle heavy soil, manure, and urine loads, you won't have to change the footbath as often, saving your workers time and you money.

Non-carcinogenic or Costly Lawsuits

Footlocker-G contains no formaldehyde (Formalin), a known carcinogen.

Cost effective

FootLocker-G goes into solution easily and stays in solution, so you get the benefit of all the product without having to stir up copper sulfate again and again.

Easy to Use

Our 45 lb bag means you get 2 equal treatments per bag with no leftovers.

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