Glucose X-Celerator - Immune System Stimulation

Glucose X-Celerator

Glucose Excelerator is a combination of glucose (milk precursors), Organic acids (used for Ph increase, microbial protein enhancement, Lactic Acid uptake) which have been shown to increase immune system stimulation during the Pre-fresh and Post fresh time period for cows. Glucose Excelerator should be fed at 1-5 pounds 30 days Pre-Fresh and 30 days Post Fresh cows.

Glucose X-Celerator


Glucose X-Celerator is a dry alternative to Propylene Glycol that is a readily available energy source to alleviate negative energy balance and reduce the prevalence of subclinical ketosis in fresh cow group.


Glucose X-Celerator can be fed either by mixing into or top-dressing onto the TMR. Combing Glucose X-Celerator into the TMR disperses readily accessible energy at a slower rate for a longer period of time while top-dressing Glucose X-Celerator onto the TMR provides a rush of insulin similar to the saturating of liquid Propylene Glycol. Mixing Glucose X-Celerator into the TMR for a few days to a week after freshening can help to decrease incidences of ketosis and is economically equivalent to drenching liquid Propylene Glycol during this same time frame. The use of Glucose X-Celerator can offer added energy to cows that are not eating well after freshening and/or are ketotic and can be used in place of liquid PG drenching.

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