A History of Matrix Nutrition

Even before the Revolutionary War, the Holt Family has been involved in agriculture. In fact, for 7 generations , since coming to the US, and enshrined in the Land Grant that was bestowed to Charles Holt by George Washington for his service in the Revolutionary War, the Holt family has been engaged in agriculture.

Three generations ago B.E. Holt acquired his first grist mill to produce cornmeal and animal feeds to the local community. This business was passed to J.E. Holt who later added a full line of animal feed production including mixing, grinding, pelletizing extrusion and block capabilities.

Before committing to agriculture, Mark Holt took a short diversion into Division I athletics at Auburn University however, 2 knee surgeries cut his career short. As the fork-in-the-road developed, Mark diverted the work ethic, discipline and energy from athletics to the field of nutrition and business.

In his quest for knowledge, that pursuit included the areas of Animal Nutrition, Business and Logistics. During his senior year, Mark along with 2 NASA engineers developed a computer program to optimize nutrient parameters based on economical considerations. This was one of the first stand alone mini computer systems designed for this purpose in the US. Upon graduation, Mr. Holt returned to the family business and served in the roles of production, nutrition, sales and product development. Later, he began work with NOVUS International as regional sales manager of Alimet(Methionine ) for the west coast. Within 2 years, he was promoted to Manager of New Business Development where he developed and managed the Alimet in Dairy Project and conceptualized HMB use in mineral chelation. Both products became commercial successes at NOVUS, with the latter being commercialized as MINTREX. His exposure to developing products around the world has built the foundation for the current products.

Mr. Holt later worked as Business Development Manager for BIOVANCE Technologies commercializing BIOCHLOR (DCAD technology) and FERMENTEN (accelerated calf growth). Upon the sale of BIOVANCE to Church & Dwight, Mr. Holt launched MATRIX NUTRITION which was dedicated to product development and commercialization of scientific ideas from the animal and human nutrition field.

Bureaucracies and large organizations do not foster, develop or embrace new technologies with ease and we believed that by creating a lean organization with a group of entrepreneurial thinkers new products and ideas could be produced faster and with greater ease.

This was the genesis of MATRIX NUTRITION and the products that ensued.

Mark Holt's very DNA has been devoted to the industry his entire life. The experience, knowledge and network serve to propel novel and scientifically generated ideas to the forefront of commercial success. As Mark has always stated, "If our products don't bring you value or make money for the end user, don't buy them."

That says it all!