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Matrix Nutrition is constantly developing new and more beneficial nutritional products for both Human and Animals.

We specialize in Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Swine, Companion Animal, Aquaculture, Equine and Human nutritional products.

With our staff consisting of Doctors, Nutrionists, Scientists, Veterinarians and Chemists, we are always creating new and more advanced programs for the nutrition industry.

If you have a specific situation you would like help with, please contact Matrix Nutrition and let us work on finding the best solution.

What's New? Matrix Sorghum

We have 3 distinct forage hybrids to choose from. Click to find out more information about Matrix Sorghum.

Equine Products and Solutions


Horses require diverse levels of feed and nourishment in their diet depending on age, activity level, current weight and overall health. An equine's stomach is a delicate balance of getting the right proteins, grains, hay, supplements, water intake and proper digestions of these substances.
Matrix Nutrition can supply a collection of supplements containing food source minerals, vitamins, herbs, probiotics and nutraceuticals for optimal nutritional support.

To provide a dietary source of vitamin D in broiler broiler breeder, layer and turkey feeds.

For protection and treatment of Wood and Wood-Foam composite structural components, against decay fungi and wood destroying insects, and cellulose insulation (paper-based) against decay fungi. Also controls such pests in infested wood.

Unique blend of Malic and Fumaric Acids which helps to increase Feed Efficiency, Increase Ph, Absorb Lactic Acid and helps increase Milk Production in the lactating cow.

100% Biodegradable
100% Environmentally Safe
FootLocker-G replaces hazardous and carcinogenic Animal footbaths at a more economcial price.

Gluecose X-Celerator is a combination of glucose, organic acids (used for Ph increase), micorbial protein enhancement , lactic acid uptake, which have been shown to increase immune system stimulation during the Pre-fresh and Post fresh time period for cows.

Nutrition Additive.

Matrix MOS is a unique form of 1-3 & 1-6 beta glucans that help stimulate the immune system of animals and humans.

A Natural direct fed microbial, enzyme and fermentation product.

Dry NATURAL Vitamin E 50%, Type SD is a free-flowing powder containing 500 IU vitamin E (dl-ox-tocopheryl acetate) per gram, finely dispersed in a matrix of hydrolyzed gelatin; the individual particles are coated with small amount of silicon dioxide.

3 in One of Anions, Glucose Precursor, and Microbial Protein Enhancement for the Transition Cow.

Odor Eliminator