NovoChlor + - 3 in One Transistion

NovoChlor +

3 in One of Anions, Glucose Precursor, and Microbial Protein Enhancement for the Transition Cow.

NovoChlor +

Prevent Milk Fever

NovoChlor + effectively prevents milk fever by acidifying the cow pre-calving, enhancing the cow’s ability to mobilize calcium from its bones and absorb calcium from the diet.

Feed Intake Depression

Feeding chloride ions from HCl during the close-up dry period has been shown to increase dry matter intake. NovoChlor + is NOT an anionic salt. NovoChlor + is formulated using specifically chosen carriers that offer superior palatability and highly digestible fiber.

Poor Muscle Tone and Low Blood Calcium

By increasing blood calcium pre-calving,NutriChlor helps to increase muscle tone resulting in less secondary problems, such as retained placenta.

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