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Natural Vitamin E

Dry NATURAL Vitamin E 50% (Type SD) is a free-flowing powder containing 500 IU vitamin E (dl-ox-tocopheryl acetate) per gram, finely dispersed in a matrix of hydrolyzed gelatin; the individual particles are coated with small amount of silicon dioxide.

Natural Vitamin E

Natural vs. Synthetic

The use of synthetic Vitamin E in early stages of lactating cows are known to show signs of weak-born or stillborn calves, retained placenta and mastitis. By switching from synthetic Vitamin E to Natural Vitamin E, researchers were able to see these issues slowly resolve. Research has also shown that Natural Vitamin E can provide approximately 5-6 times better effects compared to using Synthetic Vitamin E in lactating cows.


Natural Vitamin E plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system. Research with dairy calves at Kansas State University showed that supplementation with Natural Vitamin E enhanced humoral immune response, thereby giving the calf more resistance to stress-related problems. Stress factors frequently encountered by calves include changes in routine, weather, dehorning, vaccinations, flies, and diseases. Supplemental Natural Vitamin E would give the calf more resistance to the ill effects caused by the above stress factors on the immune system.

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