Zone Defense - Insecticide

Zone Defense

Zone Defense, also known as sodium polyborate, is a free-flowing, white, crystalline salt. Boron, the key element in Zone Defense, is an essential micronutrient and is present in all foods, particularly fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. The average person consumes between one to three milligrams each day as part of a normal healthy diet. Boron occurs naturally in air, water, and soil.

Zone Defense is a neutral 7.0 insecticide with efficacy rates as high as 99.8%. Despite its use as an insecticide, the LD50 toxicology of Zone Defense is about the same as table salt. The product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency under EPA Reg. No. 44757-3. Zone Defense has several applications including but not limited to residential homes, commercial buildings, manhole cavities, cellulose insulation and cotton batting. Zone Defense is available in both powder and granular technical grades packaged in 50 and 100 pound multiwall paper bags. Granular Zone Defense is also available in 2,400 pound tote containers. We guarantee the freshest material to be found.

Zone Defense

Insecticidal Action

Zone Defense contains no volatile organic components and therefore acts as a contact poison to targeted insects. The product is a strong desiccant that dries out the waxy oily surface of insects causing dehydration that eventually results in death to the insect. Microsurgery of affected insects also demonstrates that Zone Defense solidifies in the hind gut of insects causing blockage that result in eventual starvation. In humans the product is completely passed through the urinary system in approximately 90 hours. Zone Defense has been university proven to be a highly effective residual insecticide.


Zone Defense is stable and does not change under normal storage conditions. Wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity can result in caking. Care should therefore be taken to avoid such fluctuations during storage of the product.

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